Annual Travel Insurance - Can You Save Money?

Most of us dream of being able to swap the 9 to 5 for a sunny beach somewhere, and usually we get the chance when the summer comes.
But, of course, the big 2 or so weeks away is an expensive exercise; flights, food, hotels, car hire, travel insurance, time off work. It soon adds up and so most of us can't really afford to do it more than once in a year (and if you've got kids - maybe not even that many!).
Personally, my mind is always dreaming of the next destination - and it used to really get me down, wishing I was soaking up the rays as the Caribbean Sea laps gently at the Barbados sand at my toes.
Then I discovered the "mini-break", the weekend away - and I can tell you I'm just annoyed that I didn't discover it earlier. All the same amount of fun, just squashed into a smaller amount of time. Cities in Spain, Portugal, and even Bulgaria have all been my destinations in the past year or so - and it meant I could try somewhere new without blowing my entire holiday budget on "the unknown" and perhaps not liking it. I can afford (just) to squeeze a few of these in to a year: they're ideal as they use little of your holiday time-off up (4 days can be spread over the Friday thru Monday - meaning you lose just two days!) and there's plenty of websites around with cut-price flights, hotels and car-hire - picking up a bargain feels great too.
The only thing is you need to buy travel insurance for every trip - and that's a pain! You need to find a travel insurance company, compare their prices for your particular trip, go through numerous questions, and... pay! That's where the savvy shopper in me comes out, a quick bit of math in my head worked out that I'd spent way more in my three or four individual holiday insurance policies than I would have if I'd got an Annual travel insurance policy... all the cover is exactly the same, and it also means that I can't forget to buy it before hand and have to get one of those expensive ones at the airport (or worse, forget altogether!)
For more information about their Annual Travel Insurance Policy.
To sum-up, Annual Travel Insurance can really be not only a cost-effective way of covering yourself and loved-ones, but also saves you the worry of organising it everytime you go away.
Paul Blue is a writer and traveller living in London, UK.
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